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Revision Sawfly ballistic spectacles

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As it is commonly know, good eye protection is the essantial requirement to be allowed for airsoft skirmishes. Using poor quality goggles or glasses may result in different disturbances - from fogging to damaging or even losing one's sight. The majority of local players tends to use safety glasses providing protection on level complaint with CE EN 166F standard (protection against low-speed projectiles up to 45 m/s). They do not completly guarantee 6 mm pellet penetration protection though.

Okulary Revision Sawfly

In this article we are taking a closer look to Revision Eyewear Sawfly glasses with two exchangable lenses (including Sawfly Max Wrap Replacement Lens Vermillion lens), considered to be ballistic glasses, protecting shooters against threats caused by dealing with real firearms in the environment a lot more dangerous than airsoft games.


DSC_0210.JPGThe package

The whole set is delivered in waterproof cover made of black nylon, where Revision Military logo is prineted. The package is manufactured correctly, has no pointing treads or curved sewes, zip solid sip moves swiftly. Nonetheless in the product of this class we have expected something more, standing equally with standards setu up by competitors from - for instance - ESS or WileyX. The belt mount is placed on the rear side. The plastic carabiner is placed on a side, what makes attaching cover to a vest easy. Inside the cover there are separate sites for each element of the set.

The set contains:

- Sawfly spectacles with clear lens in soft textile bag;
- removable elastic headband;
- two additional lenses secured with a foil bag - grey and copper (Sawfly Max Wrap Replacement Lens Vermillion);
- manual;
- small leaflet informing about protection against shotgun shots;


Okulary Revision Sawfly wraz z dodatkowymi szybkamiOutside manufacture

The frame: Made of great quality plastic, posses rubber additions, where head touches user's head. Spatula got possibility of 4-step regulation of length and bend-to-adjust ends. Thanks to all of these elements spectacles stay on desired poistion during rapid movements or even run. During the test we have eliminated the possibility of accidental slip down of a face during airsoft skirmishes. In both the frontal part of the frame and spatulas Revision trademarks are placed. In the inner side of the frame and spatulas one can find information about fulfilled standards, protection classes and certificates.. It is worth to mention, that frames can be bought in 3 different sizes - Small, Regular and Large, what allows for perfect adjustment to shooter's head.

Lenses: Made of durable, deformation-resistant, optical type of polycarbonate. The view is clear, distort-free, even on the edges of the lens. The polymer used for manufacturing is resistant for scratching and other damages from both inner and outer side including - for instance - DEET (one of the main ingredients of mosquito repellents). Lenses are equipped with UV-A, UV-B and UV-C filters, protecting against each kind of solar radiation. Sawfly Max Wrap Replacement Lens Vermillion, the copper one, varies a bit from usual lens - it's sides are a bit longer.

Usual sets of Sawfly Basic (with one spare lens) may be enriched with the variety of shades: clear, grey, light grey, yellow, copper/vermillion, mocha, laser-resistant, polarization or photochromic.


Certificates and Standards

Spectacles got American certificate for compliance with ANZI Z87.1 standard - it concerns resistance of a lens to flying pieces of objects, sawdust, partitions, sand, dust, sparkles, pieces of hot-melted metal and high temperatures. It must be emphansized that Revision glasses exceed this standard sixfold.

US Army Requirements
Spectacles exceed MIL-PRF-31013 standard - FSP partition simulator test. Partition got cylidrical shape from medium-tempered steel of weight approx. 0,38 grams and initial velocity 600 - 660 fps.

Spectacles are compliant with MIL-V-43511C standard - it's tested by firing 0.22 cal. projectile of 648 km/h speed directly to lens surface.

The producer conducted the test of lenses, by shooting them with semi-automatic 12 Gauge cal. shotgun from the distance of 5 m. 29 shots with no penetration. Independed tests conducted by qualified instructor - 13.02.2005.


Revision Sawfly z oznaczeniem certyfikacjiCompliant with European standards:

EN 166 - Individual eye protection against numerous threats - UV radiation exposure.
EN 170 - Individual eye protection - filters against UV radiation
EN 172 - Individual eye protection - filters against solar flare, for industrial usage

Revision Sawfly lenses are available in different sizes, as glasses, thanks to that we have possibility of adjusting them to the shape of a face and tasks we are involved into, what guarantees maximal protction. In tested set, producer provided us with two lenses in Regular size (grey and clear) and copper one in a Max size.

Additional information from producer about spectacles and lenses: Large size frame fits only Large size lenses. Smaller frame fits both Small and Regular sizes. Both Standard and Max lenses are available in all shades.


Okulary Revision Sawfly dostępne w różnych wariantach i rozmiarach

During tests for pellet penetration we have spotted that polymer tends to deform after being hit. However it occured only when muzzle was touching the lens.


The Usage

 Okulary Revision Sawfly w warunkach polowych

The spectacles made their job outstandigly. First of all, they fitted the shape of a face perfectyly leaving just enough space to improve ventilation, while making it impossible for a pellet to slip behind the lens, considering even the most exotic angles. Gently curved shape of spatulas additionaly equipped with rubber panels made it impossible for glasses to slide down the face even during a run or intensive skirmish. It is worth to mention here, we have conducted a lot more demanding test includnig crawling, rolling, jumping between obstacles, hitting obstacles with a head - spectacles stood in the same place on a nose.

Removable, elastic cord delivered in a set protects glasses against losing and facilitates transportation, when glasses are not needed for usage. Lenses got a possibility of quick exchange, what positively influences the adaptation for environmental conditions we need to operate in.

We have not spotted any problems with fogging even while wearing buffs, helmets or masks. Spectacles are made of really fine materials, what allows for feeling comfortable and safe. Extended Max lens additionaly covers wider surface of a face, similar with goggles. Obviously it keeps all advantages of glasses such as ventilation, low weight et cetera.

Noses are made of soft rubber, very pleasant in touch. Even during the longer usage we have not observed major fatigue of a nose, so much known from cheaper constructions. Clear lens does not change the colors seen by a shooter, what may happen in cases of other manufacturers.



Okulary Revision Sawfly test polowy

Okulary taktyczne Revision Sawfly


The summary


Okulary Revision Sawfly w teście WMASG.pl

Tactical spectacles Revision Sawfly performed greatly during our tests. They bravely overcame all difficulties like changes in light, fogging or risks of mechanical damages during airsoft games. This time we liked copper lens the most. The one which guarantee very sharp contrast. We also need to commed clear one, absolutely neutral for the view. Spatulas thanks to full regulation hold head snugly, despite shooter's head being bend down or moving rapidly while running.

Revision Sawfly are worth their price, considering accessories added to the set, the quality of manufacturing and general roboustness. The possiblities of usage is incredibly wide - they will work perfectly for airsoft, skiing, biking or even driving. The crown argument for people still hesitating whether this glasses are be bought or not should be the decision of US Army to accept it.

The test was possible thanks to circulating Revison Sawfly glasses by the company HA30 - the exclusive distributor of Revision brand in Poland.


Wyłączny dystrybutor Revision na Polskę 



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Revision Military - Offical website of the producer.

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