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Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier

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Husar System is a Polish producer present in a market for couple of years. The company is known for making gear from top quality materials and detailed-oriented approach. We had a pleasure of taking a look for still fresh offer of plate carrier, just before it hit stores - Noble Concrete. How does it present? How it performed? Take a look!

Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier



You find  out here

  • How Husar Noble Concrete is made
  • How basic features of new product from Husar System are
  • How Noble Concrete looks closely
  • What is hypalon



Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier.jpg

Husar System is present in the market for quite some time and is known as a producer of innovative tactical equipment. This company located in Bielsko-Biała, Poland got such a marvelous opinion thank to detailed-oriented approach, new technologies involved in production and utilizing only original parts and materials. With the courtesy of Husar System we got a pleasure to present you the latest position in their offer, which will hit the market soon. This time, it is laser-cut Plate Carrier, where not only cordura, but also hypalon was used.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier cordura.jpg

Hypalon - DuPont company is responsible for this invention. We bet this manufacturer does not need to be introduced. Making long story short - it is a polymer reasembling rubber. Yet, it is not a rubber and got a lot better properties. The greatest advantage is undoubtedly resistence for various chemicals, hight temperature and salt water. Especially thanks to the last, it is used for pontoon production. Recently, it has been adopted to laser-cut tactical vests.

Let's take a closer look at Noble Concrete Plate Carrier then - a vest, where hypalon is one of the dominant materials.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier front.jpg

Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier right side.jpg

Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier back.jpg

Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier left side.jpg

Close insight

The latest plate carrier from Husar fits the trend of making the gear as light as possible. Concrete tested by us weights only 665 grams. So let's look a but closely for this just above half a kilogram of this tactical splendor.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier przod.jpg

In the front part pouches for three magazines are placed. Thanks to rubber regulation system, both AK and AR magazines will fit.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier velcro.jpg

A bit above two arrays of Velcro is placed - it will be useful for nametag or some other patch. The length of 14 cm lets to put there not only your nickname.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier AR AK.jpg

If it is not enough Velcro for you, the one located in the front part of pouches is also available. Here you can find two arrays as well, but these ones are 22 cm long. Of course laser-cut are compliant with MOLLE/PALS standard, so full spectre of pouches present in a market is available.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier molle pals.jpg

In the back, apart from twin top Velcoro, there is a safety grip as well. Laser cuts are not sewed along, as in competitors products, which use this technology.


Cangaroo - the M.A.S. insert


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier m4.jpg

The insert is removable and exchangable - can be customized according to the order.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier hypalon.jpg

After removing the insert, entire fron panel can be pushed to the velcro placed there. It facilitates making a single line between top and bottom part of the front panel. It is useful, as using inbuilt pouches is not always needed.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier atac.jpg

Details - hypalon grip got "pull" written on it. No doubts what it was made for.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier shockcord.jpg

Additionally - on above photo one can see tighteners to adjust shockcord length. It is very comfy solution, as magazins holding cord can be extended or shorten anytime.

 Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier belt.jpg

The vest perfectly matches belts, as you can see on the photo above, yoke does not collide either.


Comfort Pad

Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier laser cut.jpg

Comfort pads on yoke are obviously removable, but the biggest curiosity is placed behind them, Do you need to be out of your mind to cut your vest? Nope, unless yoke is still to long after adjusting. In case of any doubts - producer encourages to do it in appropriately marked places.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier comfortpad.jpgRubber visible above can be useful for putting inside camelback pipe or PTT cable.


Inside: construction

  Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier konstrukcja.jpgOpenwork construction is to provide appropriate thermoregulation and free airflow. It is possible thanks to ergonomic SAPI plates profile. Stretched material gives some space between user and the plate.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier hypalon cut.jpg

Here you can see hypalon mentioned before - practically whole inner part is made of it.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier rescue grip.jpg

Above you can see the evacuation grip, This type of sewing it should provide enough durability during using it in combat.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier sapi.jpg

Plates in both parts of the carrier are placed in the same way.The hatch of a frontal part with harsh velcro is hugging rear part with soft velcro. The grip visible above may occur to be useful. I would like to remind, the top-quality velcro was used here.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier szelki.jpg

Plates gently stand out, but impression is only visual, as the entity covers body very well. Unfortunately, vests are sewed for specific sizes of ballistic vests. While writing this article, the producer passed us an information M and L sizes are available. We hope it will change in a future and the entire spectre of sizes is to be available.



Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier cummerbund.jpg

Using shockcord for connecting both halves provides adjusting it to user movements. Additionaly it facilitates sure regulation.


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier cummerbund.jpg

Another detail: printout informing about a size.The same as tape holding both halves together. It prevents overstretching of a rubber and following disconnection of cummerbund,


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier front panel.jpg

Fastening it is a classic way. While rising the hatch with pouches, you can see the velcro, where cummerbund is to be attached. It is additional place, where vest size can be adjusted.


The ending word


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier apparel.jpg

Lasercuts are getting more and more fans. There are also people, who are let down with it after experience of poorly glued cordura or torn laminate. So, to calm down the feelings - hypalon will not get torn or scratched. Additionally, correctly glued cordura should not behave like it. In the specimen we got for tests nothing got worn off, even after numerous pulling the polyamide tape through PALS cells. The rest is a matter of time, as this products is still waiting for being introduced to the market.


The summary


Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier wmasg test.jpg

While having some extperience with vests made in such technology, I can say that the prducer made a decent job. Both materials are connected effectively, what caused a marvelous product being done, which fulfills all the requirements for moder plate carriers. Additionally the detailed-oriented approach will win hearts of many people.

What is the best, Husar plans to launch it with price lower than 125 USD!


  • weight
  • durability
  • manufacturing
  • details


  • The top part of front panel gently stands out from the plate.


The Noble Concrete Plate Carrier was tested with the courtesy of the producer!


Husar System


Useful links

Husar System website

TEST: Plate Carrier Specops ULPC-1

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Mizaku 04.08.2016, h. 08:23 Mizaku
Gdyby tylko ten Atacs był w wersji bardziej "zielonej" byłbym zachwycony.
Michi18 06.08.2016, h. 10:29 Michi18
jeśli uda się im to wprowadzić poniżej 500zł to mocno chylę czoła :D
Dla służb mundurowych nawet taniej :) Można zamawiać przez FB producenta z tego co wiem.
szmerglu 06.08.2016, h. 10:58 szmerglu
niestety nie będę mógł sobie na nią pozwolić :( #reko
Michi18 06.08.2016, h. 10:59 Michi18
490zł normalna cena w detalu. Zniszczyli system, gdyż obstawiałem na poziomie 800 ;)
HellMaker666 06.08.2016, h. 11:45 HellMaker666
W sumie to nie jest niszczenie systemu - wycinki laserowe na porządnej maszynie wycia się szybciej niż elementy odkrawane klasycznym nożem elektrycznym. Powtarzalność to już kolejna sprawa, a jak moc dobra lasera to parę warstw na raz macha. Oszczędność w czasie przekłada się na niższą cenę. Niektórzy nadużywali ceny za "innowację" ;-)
szmerglu 06.08.2016, h. 23:57 szmerglu
wredny_bo_trzeźwy 12.08.2016, h. 14:01 wredny_bo_trzeźwy
Ale to co testowaliście to chyba nie jest ten plejt który jest w chwili obecnej w ofercie firmy Husar? Bo ten w ofercie jest za 990 zł i nazywa się Noble Plate Carrier Gen II. Ktoś coś rozjaśni?
Noble to normalny plate (bez laserowych wycinanek) - zresztą jest pomyślany jako uniwersalny system bojowy (można dokupić dodatki). (patrz film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr44i0hsU7c )

Noble Concrete to wersja "budżetowa", lekka, laserowo cięta.
Yahalom 12.08.2016, h. 15:05 Yahalom
Dokładnie, to są dwie różne kamizelki z czego "Beton" nie jest jeszcze w oficjalnej sprzedaży.
szmerglu 12.08.2016, h. 19:50 szmerglu
grpi84 17.08.2016, h. 19:01 grpi84
Co to za mundur i pasoszelki ?
To chyba kombinezon nomexowy. Może jakiś lotniczy ;)
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