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Force Core FC-A104-C (by E&L) - steel monolith

Karabin, 24.07.2016, h. 13:58, dodał: Regdorn , autor: Czoper, Regdorn

We present you AKSU made by E&L fore Force Core. How does present and works "economy" E&L version? Check this out yourself!


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L

You find out here:

  • What contains FC-A104-C set
  • How the replica is manufactured
  • What internal parts were utilized
  • How stock replica performs


E&L (Emei Land Arms) replicas raise a lot of emotions since their launch to the market. The amount of steel parts, fitting and finishing cregate the feeling of holding something really solid, according to Russian maxim - "gnyotsa nye lamyotsa" ("bending but never breaking"). Force Core Armament described here is the economy E&L, but we have certain doubts, if this version is basic enough while compared to "richer" brother to be announced as "economy". Especially, when to take under consideration outer manufacturing and decent internal parts. A slightly different finishing, a bit different boxing. Completly different inside, but it is still E&L - the solid monolith.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (rzut z lewej strony)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (rzut od góry)

Taking a look at FC-A104-C

The replica is delivered in simple carton bo (forgive us no photo), including carton stencil stabilizing the replica during transportation. In a set we got only replica, mid-cap magazine and a manual universal for all AK replicas of the producer. The replica we got was also checked and shot by Gunfire service. Stable FPS in the service protocol cover with our test, but you can find it out below. Brand fans will find sticker with Force Core Armament and E&L logos.

FC-A104-C is a modern model. It got not classic wood. Instead, you can see there more "aggressive" RIS front. Actually rails reasseble Zenitco B-11 and B-12.


Członek rosyjskiej jednostki antyterrorystycznej Alfa i AKSU z Zenitco B-11 i B-12The member of Russian Alfa counterterrorist unit and AKSU with B-11 and B-12


The design of "whistle" is also aggressive. It looks like some surgeon tool for messing inside your skull. Apart from that it's a good old solid steel AKSU made by E&L. Heavy, marvelously fitted and weighted, no loose, no squeak. To make long story short - monolith of grease and steel. Pure pleasure of keeping it in a hand, followed with a huge grin on one's face.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (front)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (montaż "jaskółczy ogon" i spust)

Outside part of replica in majority is made of very nicely oxided steel. Other elements like "swallow tail" mount rail for AK dedicated accessories, lock and release of folding stock, fire selector, trigger are also made of steel. Body got nice "Russian" markings for fire selection. Serial number was graved on the left side opposite to the bolt. In our specimen it was 014639".


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (oznaczenia i zatrzask kolby)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (oznaczenia i selektor ognia)

The selector moves surely with slight resistance, although it does not "click" at "single fire". In safe mode" it nicely fits the chamber cover.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (oznaczenia i selektor ognia - safe)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (oznaczenia i selektor ognia - single)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (selektor ognia)Steel bolt got a lot of space, thanks to what imitated reload move gives a lot of joy going alongside metallic sound after being released. The bolt moved back reveales HU regulation.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (suwadło)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (regulacja Hop Up)

Frame, steel folding stock is solid and fits tight. Moves smoothly straight from the box, but with gentle resistance until fine metallic "click". Actually it got some loose when folded (1-2 mm), but it is ommitable. Of course the lock is made of steel.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (ramowa kolba)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (ramowa kolba)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (zawias kolby)Pistol grip is made neatly with high-quality polymer.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (chwyt pistoletowy)

Standard AKSU basic iron sights are regulated in vertical axis. The pin on the sight foundation is NOT a replica and allows for horizontal adjustments as well. Rear sight is settled onto a spring tin and keeps adjustment in reliable way. There is no optaion for accidental switch during a "fight". Fine quality markings were filled with orange paint.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (szczerbinka)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (szczerbinka)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (muszka)

To get to battery (stick) bolt chamber cover should be opened. It simultaneously opens gas pipe cover. Mentioned cover is one of a few weakly finished pieces of the replica. It is molded curvly in a black polymer. In case of FC-A104-C to remove it one should remember about unscrewing the additional RIS covering the front from above. Such RIS allows for installing a red dot sight dedicated for Western constructions (in our case it was EOTech 552).


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (pokrywa komory zamkowej)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (front - konwersja RIS)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (front - konwersja RIS)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (front - demontaż szyny RIS)

After removing this element, on a right side of a front a new RIS appears. The conversion is one of a few not steel pieces of the replica, as it's made entirely of aluminium. To close the cover a significnat strength must be put into making the cover locked, exactly as in a original case.

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (zatrzask pokrywy komory zamkowej)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (gwizdek - tłumik płomienia)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (gwizdek - tłumik płomienia)

After removing the cover, one can see outer barrel. Steel, nicely oxided got clearly marked traces of lathe. The berrel is ended with clockwise, huge screw. Inner barrel is gently loose.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (lufa zewnętrzna)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (front)

Mid-cap magazine added to set is made of polymer. Classic. Solid. Will hold a lot, yet sharp edges of steel body near the magwell may damage magazine lock, so it seems to be more appropriate to use metal magaiznes with this replica. After attacheing magazine to the replica gentle movement in front-backward axis is visible (about 3 mm). We had no problem with feeding replica with pellets using this magazine.

 Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (magazynek)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (magazynek)


As it is easy to guess, all mechanical parts are closed in GB V3. It is almost the same mechanism, as utilized in 1st generation of E&L replicas. The gearbox is used for 7 mm bearings without the possibility of fast spring exchange.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (gearbox)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (gearbox)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (łożyska)Metal HU chamber.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (komora Hop Up)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (komora Hop Up)

Short spring with uneven lead.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (sprężyna)

While taking a look at mechanical parts, some things are worth mentioning. The top locking rail is equipped with hold for cables. thanks to it, cables are organized in logical oder, what facilitates attaching and placing battery as well as closing the cover. However this is not a unique solution, yet useful.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (okablowanie)

Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (kable)

Cables themselves are quite stiff, but utilized insulation looks quite resistant for accidental mechanical damages. As plenty other producers, the car "micro" car fuse is used.


Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (bezpiecznik)Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (bezpiecznik)

Selector plate DOES NOT HAVE tin. It is not a drawback though. Such solution is used by numerous producers, but on safe mode replica is locked only in mechanical way - switch is still on voltage. In other replicas (ones with tin connecting selector poles) apart from mechanical lock the electric current is cut off. If exchange of a selector plate or swiitch is planned you would need to check what solution was used by producer and purchase appropriate standard.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (wzmocnienia gear boxa)

Separate things are enhancements and the way of fininshing of gearbox in spots especially endangered for greatest strains. As you can see on a photos, both parts of gearbox near edges of cylinder "window" are way thicker. It is not as durable as enhancement in 2GX gearboxes from KWA, but still better than none. Additionaly please pay attention for finishing of inner edges of cylinder "window". It is not a right angle - corners are rounded, what additionally increases the durability of a gearbox.


The gearbox


The wheels made from combined alloys are utilized. They are commonly called "steel gears" - they should not be mistaken with ones made of actual steel (often marked as CNC). What is interesting, these gears are different than standard E&L 1st generation wheels and others than in standard Force Core. Nonetheless they look solid and experience teaches, that durability may be more than satisfying. Sector gear got a delayer made of polymer, that lowers the risk of problem with BBs feeding.


forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (zębatki)forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (zębatki)

Gears work at 7mm bearings. Sector gear got sliding ones, while spur and bevel gears are set on ball bearings. Sector gear got a delayer.


Cylinder set


forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (zespół cylindra)

The cylinder is made of brass. Due to barrel length, type 2 cylinder has been used. Cylinder and piston heads are standard "silent" type used by E&L. Piston head got soft bumber. Cylinder head made of polymer with fitting slot. The latter one is airtight, despite getting into cylinder rather easily.forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (głowica tłoka)forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (tłok)

The diameter of piston head is adjusted in the way, that even after removing the o-ring it moves in the cylinder with resistance. It seems, that while usage it will eventually get loose, wheter it is piston head or cylinder walls. After putting the o-ring on everyting is tight. In contrary to other "silent" heads available in the market, this one does not have the bearing.


forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (dysza)

The nozzle is made of polymer and got no o-rings. It passes the "syringe test" though. The piston is standard E&L one. From experience I can tell it's durability is sufficient.



The replica got standard 1st generation E&L ELM120 motor. It is capable of running the M120 spring with ease as well as stronger ones. It is installed very tight in the basket and it's adjustment is possiuble only after loosing screws.

forcecore-gb-11.Force Core FC-A104-C by E&L (silnik)
enerally - very solid mechanism. It could use some more grease and some adjusments in shimming.



During chronograph test the outcome was 369 fps and it is worth to emphasize the stability of it (rare changes up to 5 fps). We shot at target practice at 10 m and 25 m distances. It is not surprising that short stock barrel is not very accurate at 25 meters and straight from a box it is more like "spray and pray" at longer distances, but it is not the purpose it was made for.


The summary

This replica presents very high level of realism. After unboxing smells with grease and steel. It feels like one tight steel brick in your hands. It is easier to count not steel parts than the other way round. It is hard to imagine, how one can damage such a replica during a game. The possibility of easy installation of real firearm parts makes this toy even more attractive. In theory it is just an economy version, but we got the most essential features - steel, very "real" construction for quite good price. Internal parts are made nicely, what makes FC-A104-C really good replica especially as a basis for power and ROF tuning.

Unfortunately we heard a rumour that new series of Force Core Armament will not have that many steel parts. However the first series is still available of which the described replica comes from. Maybe it is worth to hurry then?

(Czoper) I had and still have some "Kalashes". FC and E&L rule in their segments. Outside (looks and durability) they got no match.


he replica was delivered by GunFire

gunfire-logo-testy.jpgThanks to Tactic-games.pl  for help in photo session and allowing us at their facility!

Thanks for a help with photo session to Bielak!


Useful links

AKM E&L test

Force Core AK series at WMASG forum

FC-A104-C  at Gunfire

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-Otto- 25.07.2016, h. 16:41 -Otto-
"Dołączany do zestawu magazynek typu mid-cap wykonany jest z polimeru. Klasyczny. Solidny. Wytrzyma wiele"
He. Hehehe...
Dobry żart ;) Acz co do podawania się zgodzę - zero problemu na G&G.

"Kołek od podstawy celownika jest atrapą."
Pewni jesteście? Ma zupełnie inną fakturę niż podstawa muszki, wygląda na osobny element, ale zapewne do jego regulacji potrzeba będzie narzędzia od palnego, to nie cyma, żeby się przesuwało od patrzenia.

"Selektor trybu ognia chodzi pewnie z lekkim oporem, choć nie zaskakuje na pozycji "pojedynczy"."
Coś w testowanym modelu jest niehalo, u mnie jest wyraźny klik na nastawie zarówno ognia ciągłego jak i pojedyńczego.

"Lufa zakończona jest lewoskrętnym gwintem 14mm, na który założony jest adapter"
Aby na pewno? Z tego co mi wiadomo EL klepie "koszerne" duże gwinty będące integralną częścią podstawy muszki, i tak też jest z mojej suce.

Warto wspomnieć jeszcze o żałośnie wręcz słabych sprężynkach: zawiasu pokrywy, zatrzasku kolby w pozycji złożonej (mając wciśnięty do kolby opatrunek, który powoduje odpychanie kolby od body, wystarczy przeciągnąć suwadło, aby zaczep puścił) oraz zwalniacza magazynka - bojec ma niebo mocniejszą sprężynę!
Sprężynki - w swojej suce również mam opatrunek w kolbie. Nie odczepia się. Sprężynka trzyma mocno. To samo w zwalniaczu magazynka.

Sprężynka od zawiasu pokrywy - tutaj się zgadzam. Jest dosyć słaba.
Hudy01 25.07.2016, h. 16:56 Hudy01
Rzeczywiście, błąd z tym adapterem. W kołek rzeczywiście dużo mocniej trzeba było walnąć i puścił. Poprawiam.
Regdorn 25.07.2016, h. 17:57 Regdorn
OSKi-SNITF 25.07.2016, h. 20:54 OSKi-SNITF
spray & pray nie prey ;)
Może podczas spray'owania modli się aby zębatki nie poszły się kochać :D
Drzewo 26.07.2016, h. 02:26 Drzewo
Z tego co pamiętam to Spray & pray czyli strzelaj na oślep i módl się żebyś trafił(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spray_and_pray ). Spray & prey to strzelaj na oślep i zdobycz/łup/ofiara :P czyli literówka :)
OSKi-SNITF 26.07.2016, h. 09:29 OSKi-SNITF
Literówka, literówka, choć rzeczywiście "prey" też by siadło :D
Regdorn 26.07.2016, h. 09:57 Regdorn
sensu 26.07.2016, h. 08:25 sensu
Czy trochę nie za późno na takie testy? O roku repliki nigdzie nie można kupić i na dodatek została wycofana z produkcji. Następna generacja będzie ze znalu jak na ekonomiczną serię przystało. ;)
Jeszcze na Gunfire są, z drugiej ręki też można kupić. Ale prawda jest taka, że przyszła i... przeleżała na redakcyjnej półce "nieco za długo". Dużo się u nas dzieje w ostatnim czasie, zmieniamy sposób funkcjonowania, mozolnie nowy WMASG WRESZCIE wydaje się być na ukończeniu (co tak naprawdę będzie początkiem dalszej budowy), a replika przyszła w gorącym okresie. Cóż, sam byłem zaskoczony (zaraz potem zmieniłem kolor twarzy), gdy padło pytanie o tekst. Pierwszy raz i ostatni mam nadzieję :) Racja i biorę na klatę, bez ściemy ;)
Regdorn 26.07.2016, h. 09:56 Regdorn
No mam nadzieję że niedługo coś zrobicie z tą stroną, bo od kilku tygodni chodzi jakby osiołek ją ciągnął, nieważne czy na moim wiejskim internecie czy lepszym u znajomych w 3city :V
Maciejox 26.07.2016, h. 13:04 Maciejox
Problemem jest AdBlock, a ściślej ustawienia naszych stref reklamowych w systemie Google. Nawet jeśli jesteśmy dodani do wyjątku, dalej AdBlock spowalnia stronę. Sharpek ma zaradzić sprawie. Gdy tak się stanie damy znać na głównej.
Regdorn 26.07.2016, h. 19:01 Regdorn
Że też ludzie jeszcze korzystają z tego badziewia, zamiast z jedynie słusznego uBlocka Origin :-D
wiciok 26.07.2016, h. 19:24 wiciok
drlecter 26.07.2016, h. 20:31 drlecter
A w mojej suczce jest juz Gearbox nowego typu. Z systemem szybkiej wymiany sprężyny
Metalowyyy 05.08.2016, h. 09:25 Metalowyyy
Regdorn, trochę za późno ze względu na to, że FC prawdopodobnie już od stycznia będę w 80% ze ZnAlu ;)
Z powstaniem tego tekstu wiąże się pewna niezręczna historia, którą wstyd przytaczać, a by wiele wyjaśniła dlaczego dopiero teraz... ;)
Regdorn 31.08.2016, h. 14:13 Regdorn
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