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  • Cyma CM.076

    Cyma CM.076

    pl Karabin, 05.03.2018, h. 14:49, dodał: egzul

    Cyma is a well known company in the airsoft market: as everyone in their life had experience with certain brands of cars, popular in a given country, so did most airsoft players had some experience with replicas made by this company. Currently Cyma has a broad offer of pistols and assault rifles replicas which are characterized mostly by good relation of price and quality. Recently, the company released their new replica, the CM.076 in the Full Metal. Read the review to see how it performed in our tests!

  • Viper Tech SR-16 URX III MOD0 CO2

    Viper Tech SR-16 URX III MOD0 CO2

    pl Karabin, 28.02.2018, h. 17:35, dodał: egzul

    Viper Tech, a company well known to users of gas powered replicas as a subcontractor of the now legendary Inokatsu company, has been offering the SR-16 URX III MOD0 CO2 for some time now. It is supposed to be realistic in handling and highly reliable. You can find out how it perform in our tests by reading our review.

  • Umarex/VFC Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 RAL8000

    Umarex/VFC Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 RAL8000

    pl Karabin, 09.02.2018, h. 22:51, dodał: egzul

    The gas powered replica of the Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 assault rifle was made for UMAREX by VFC. The rifle is designed to introduce new quality to the gas powered airsoft replica market: it is to be realistic, robust and reliable. Has the ambitious idea of UMAREX been achieved? Find out yourself reading the following review.

  • Action Army Company T10 [FILM]

    Action Army Company T10 [FILM]

    pl Karabin, 18.01.2018, h. 11:57, dodał: egzul

    T10 is the newest spring powered replica made by Action Army Company, which combines modern design with a slightly dated yet reliable VSR-10 system. It idea spurred much controversy but the company, known for its tuning parts for spring powered replicas, gained considerable trust from the community and managed to arise considerable interest even during the announcement faze. Was the manufacturer capable of bringing something new to the table, which seemed to have been cleared? You will find out reading this review!



  • Umarex/VFC HK VP9 Tactical (DX Version)

    Umarex/VFC HK VP9 Tactical (DX Version)

    pl Pistolet, 23.12.2017, h. 20:59, dodał: egzul

    Volkspistole, VP9 in short, is a pistol made by the renowned Heckler & Koch company, known in the European market under the SFP9 name. Its replica, prepared by Umarex, has full markings of the real firearm. Are you interested how it matches up with its "real steel" counterpart? You can find out reading the following review.

  • Olight HS2

    Olight HS2

    pl Ekwipunek, 18.12.2017, h. 11:40, dodał: LogaN

    What can you do when you lack no only a light source but also RIS rails? Is a headlamp good enough to prove itself in a more "tactical" use then just moving around the terrain? Today we are testing the Olight HS2 headlamp! Enjoy our review.

  • Classic Army Scarab SAR Carbine

    Classic Army Scarab SAR Carbine

    pl Karabin, 14.12.2017, h. 11:20, dodał: egzul

    Classic Army is introducing their own AEG design on the market, work on which has just been completed at their R&D department. Their ambitious idea is focused mainly on the changes in the upper receiver and the type of stock. What we get is a brand new carbine which was now available on the market. The manufacturer introduced 3 lengths of the Scarab. We had tested the shortest SAR version. How did this brand new take on the AK15 design by Classic Army perform? See below.

  • G&G TR16 MBR 556WH

    G&G TR16 MBR 556WH

    pl Karabin, 16.11.2017, h. 13:10, dodał: egzul autor: Egzul

    A replica of the TR16 MBR 556WH rifle by G&G, created as a part of the Top Tech line, is a high-end product, made with the highest technical and visual quality standards in mind. G&G engineers have decided to put emphasis on realism and ergonomics. The product which we receive is a long (16-inch front) modified AR15. How did the new gun from G&G perform in our tests? Find out reading the review below. 

  • Specna Arms CORE

    Specna Arms CORE

    pl Karabin, 08.11.2017, h. 12:26, dodał: egzul autor: egzul, Regdorn

    Everyone remembers their first replica and issues connected with it. Tuning ambitions, disappointments, sentiments or returning to the old replica after many years. We have all been through it and ask him/herself the same question – “What should I buy?”. Of course it should be the best one and the most universal at the same time. Here comes Specna Arms, which enters the budget replicas market with their new CORE series. They are meant to be entry level replicas which are to give the user high quality equipment at the lowest price possible. Did the manufacturer managed to create the ideal replica for new airsoft adepts? You can find out reading the review below.



    pl Karabin, 13.09.2017, h. 12:04, dodał: egzul autor: egzul

    The AVALON MONSTER series from Vega Force Company, is a bold replica design, which aim to combine original and eye catching design with high quality internals build from highest quality parts. The Leopard model is available in two sizes and two colour versions. We got to test the CQB version with the red coloured front. How does it present itself in our test? Red to review below to find out.

  • LCT LC-3, the HK G3 replica

    LCT LC-3, the HK G3 replica

    pl Karabin, 04.09.2017, h. 23:21, dodał: Regdorn autor: Regdorn, Egzul

    Fans have to wait for many years for a full steel version of the HK G3 replica. Their wait is over and it was LCT Airsoft which made the wich come true. How does this full steel replica presents itself? Was it worth the wait? How accurate of a replicas is it? What dose a former Bundeswehr paratrooper have to say about it? Find out below! 

  • LCT Airsoft RPD - just like real steel [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

    LCT Airsoft RPD - just like real steel [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

    pl Karabin, 14.03.2017, h. 21:41, dodał: Scharf autor: Regdorn, Scharf, Fishbonee, Ookami

    LCT Airsoft makes one of the more realistic looking former Soviet Block replicas. Despite the fact that among LCT Airsoft products one can find M16s i M60s, the designers from Taichung focus their efforts mainly on recreating Soviet designs. The end of last year marked the introduction of a very exceptional replica - the RPD limited edition. This LMG, which did not have a very career in the army, can still be seen in war zones and among weapons collections. How did the LCT Airsoft airsoft replica fare in our review? We got our hand on one of the replicas produces in a limited quantity of 1000 units. See for yourself!

  • Leatherman TREAD

    Leatherman TREAD

    pl Ekwipunek, 23.08.2016, h. 12:22, dodał: Regdorn

    TREAD is the youngest brother in the family of legendary Leatherman multitools. Since the very beginning it raises a lot of controversy. Is it a good tool for a job? Or maybe it's just a gadget or jewlery? We have checked out Leatherman TREAD!

  • Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier

    Husar Noble Concrete Plate Carrier

    pl Ekwipunek, 01.08.2016, h. 18:38, dodał: szmerglu autor: Szmerglu

    Husar System is a Polish producer present in a market for couple of years. The company is known for making gear from top quality materials and detailed-oriented approach. We had a pleasure of taking a look for still fresh offer of plate carrier, just before it hit stores - Noble Concrete. How does it present? How it performed? Take a look!

  • Force Core FC-A104-C (by E&L) - steel monolith

    Force Core FC-A104-C (by E&L) - steel monolith

    pl Karabin, 24.07.2016, h. 13:58, dodał: Regdorn autor: Czoper, Regdorn

    We present you AKSU made by E&L fore Force Core. How does present and works "economy" E&L version? Check this out yourself!



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